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A small tool allowing you to start and stop the FAH serrvice with a simple clic.

It also allow you to check the current WU' progress, get an estimated time remaining and download the protein's picture and your personal statistics.


If you get any trouble please report it in the forum or send me a mail




I'm actively working on Folding From Tray's improvement.

You don't have to come back on this site in order to check for updates : there is, since version 0.14b, a fonction able to check it for you, use it from time to time.

How to use it

You just need to have folding@home installed as a service and to put the foldingfromtray.exe file into the same folder than the console.

In order to launch it with windows, you might place a shortcut in the start menu / programs / starting

You may want to rename the program file without the version number (for exemple, rename en_Foldingfromtray_0.14b.exe to FoldingFromTray.exe), so you can place shortcuts that will still be avaible after a version change.

You need

Seems to nees the microsoft .net framework v2, and therefore the Windows XP SP2 :

Please give me your comments through the forum or by mail

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